About Me

You might be surprised to know that my parents lived in a tree-house when I was born. Soon after we moved into a tiny house and didn't own a TV or have AC. While so much has changed since then I still live as simply as I can so I can chase the next adventure! I'm obsessed with solo hiking the Appalachian Trail, podcasts, love to read every night, binge watch Netflix, and paint when it's raining outside. I really want to love working out but honestly I only work out so that I build up the muscle I need to hike with a heavy pack and so I can go up and down alll the mountains!

I met my husband Eddie, whose nickname might be lumberjack or Jesse depending on who you ask, at my best friend's birthday party over 13 years ago. There was a huge bonfire, I almost fell in, he caught me...the rest was history. We eloped less than a year later, have 3 awesome boys, and a massive cat named Pharaoh. Some of the best marriage advice we’ve been given is to spend as much time on our marriage as we do raising kids. Which is how we justify all the music festivals and travel we do. I think our favorite festival will always be New Orleans Jazz Fest and our favorite trip was 2 weeks in Costa Rica.

As a family we travel far and often. We’ve driven cross country twice, hit over 50% of the states so far, and camp 4-6 weeks a year in the North Carolina, Tennessee, and Georgia Mountains. When we are at home you will usually find us at a baseball/cross country/soccer/football field because the boys play alllll the sports. Sundays are for family & friends and we enjoy church, BBQs, local brews, and grilling out on the back porch by the pool.

I’m the worst about getting in front of the camera but below are just a few snapshots of who I am, what I love, and a glimpse into who I am. There may even be a dorky picture of me from 6th grade because that was the year I met my best friends for life!



Service & Recognition

There are many organizations available for professional photographers. These groups provide opportunities to grow as a professional through education and print competitions. I'm honored to serve and participate in the following ways:

  • Currently serving as Recording Secretary on the board for the Tallahassee Association of Wedding Professionals.

  • Served on the board for The Tallahassee Professional Photographers Guild as President (2017), Vice President (2016), and Secretary (2015).

  • Florida Professional Photographers, Active Member

  • Professional Photographers of America, Active Member

  • Awarded the Tallahassee Professional Photographer's Guild President's Award in 2015 for exemplary service

  • I've been awarded multiple awards from the Florida Professional Photographers print competition including Best of Show in Social Event in 2016 & First Place Social Event Open 2016.


The Wedding Suite

I am so honored to be a member of the wedding suite and have my studio in the same location as some of Tallahassee's finest wedding professionals!

To learn more about The Wedding Suite and how we can create the perfect wedding for you click HERE

If you'd like to join The Wedding Suite you can also click on the link above and fill out an application online!