Lake Iamonia Lodge | Sharon & Ben

Sharon and Ben

Spring training was over and it was time to step up to the plate and hit a home run. And on October 22, Ben and Sharon did just that. But instead of stepping up to home plate, Ben took his place in front of custom made doors taken from Sharon’s grandparents house with his team beside him. As the opening ceremony proceed, Sharon and her team joined Ben’s side as they warmed up for a game they’d never forget. Together, they swung the bat and hit a home run as family and friends cheered on from the sidelines!

I’ve always believed life is a lot like baseball. You can get down in the count and come back to win the game or swing out of your shoes on a curve ball. The important thing is that you have a team that will run the bases with you no matter what and together, Ben and Sharon are the best team there is. I am so happy that I've met both of them and look forward to following your story over the years!

Charlotte FristoeComment