Loblolly Rise | Tori & Cole

Loblolly Wedding.jpg

There are so many things that made Tori and Cole’s wedding day special. The one that sticks out the most to me is the time. They took the time to truly experience every single moment of their wedding day. Not in a “we checked that off so let’s move on” but in a “I love these people and I’m going to make sure I show each person how much I care about them because I have time to” kinda way. I’ll be writing a blog post about what I witnessed at their wedding but for now I’ve posted a ton of pictures from their gorgeous day below. I think one of my favorite pictures is of Tori and her nephew. I didn’t know anyone was in the cottage but when I walked in I found Tori and her nephew talking alone. He clearly adores her and moments like those can’t be planned. Again, they took the time to experience everything and I loved documenting that.

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