You might be surprised to know that my parents lived in a tree-house when I was born. Soon after we moved into a tiny house and didn't own a TV or have AC. While so much has changed since then, I still live as simply as I can so I can chase the next adventure!

I’m an Enneagram #7, THE ENTHUSIAST, which makes total sense once you get to know me. I’m known for living life to the fullest, cheerful determination, and overcoming fear to try new things.

Talk to me for 5 minutes and you’ll figure out quickly how much I love podcasts, hiking the Appalachian Trail, motivational/business books, and traveling. I’m one of those lucky girls who found her best friends way back in middle school and we are inseparable to this day.

I met my “life of the party” husband at one of those best friend's birthday party over 14 years ago. There was a huge bonfire, I almost fell in, he caught me, and the rest was history. Eddie is my rock in this crazy world and we have only gotten stronger over the years.

We have incredible 3 kids, all boys, and my life is nothing short of an adventure with them. And yes, I was a baby having a baby with our oldest son ;) We spend a lot of time together as a family camping, on the baseball/soccer field, and hanging out (literally hanging in hammocks) on the back porch.

If my life has taught me anything at all it is how short our time is here. We live in a fast paced world and if I can help document some of the most important moments of your life then I’ve lived a meaningful life. And isn’t what this journey is all about?

Industry Service & Awards

I’m honored to service the wedding & photography industry in many ways:

  • Current Vice President of the Tallahassee Association of Wedding Professionals.

  • Served on the board for The Tallahassee Professional Photographers Guild as President (2017), Vice President (2016), and Secretary (2015).

  • Professional Photographers of America, Active Member

  • Awarded the Tallahassee Professional Photographer's Guild President's Award in 2015 for exemplary service

  • Award winning photographer recognized by the Florida Professional Photographers including Best of Show in Social Event in 2016 & First Place Social Event Open 2016.

The Wedding Suite

I am also a proud member of The Wedding Suite, a place where wedding professionals gather and work together in Midtown. To learn more about The Wedding Suite and how we can create the perfect wedding for you click HERE